Richard Saul Wuman

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He is feisty and isn’t afraid to ask for privileges. He knows how to ask good questions, finds answers, and presents them in a way that saves tons of copious paper and won’t give the reader a headache. He is one of the creators of TED and was the one who saw to it that it takes off. Yes, Richard Saul Wurman is extraordinary even though most find him ridiculously shameless.


Not wanting to be called an author, Richard headed his competent writing staff to release maps, graphs, and books that pique his interest. He wrote about taking care of grandchildren and healthcare. A genius in organizing events, Richard has been awarded for his achievement as a convener.

In 1992, he received Stars of Design lifetime achievement Award and became Chairman of Graphic Design & Product/Industrial Design of the Presidential Design Awards in 1995. The following year, he received the Chrysler Design Award and was twice named one of the 100 elite of the technology industry by Upside magazine. He is also a Hall of Famer at the Art Director’s Club. Just recently, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt’s National Design Awards and Awarded the Arthur Spayed Brooks Gold Medal.

He is responsible for the creation of the following conferences that he also chaired: California 101, TEDSELL, TEDNYC, TED4Kobe in Japan and TEDCity in Toronto.


  1. He is the creator of the prestigious TED Conferences and chaired it for more than a decade. Other conferences he created and chaired are California 101, TEDSELL, TEDNYC, TED4Kobe in Japan, TEDMED and TEDCity in Toronto.
  2. He founded and chaired TEDMED which was eventually sold for millions of dollars.
  3. He is a gifted painter and has won first prize in watercolor painting at the University of Pennsylvania for 3 consecutive years while in college.
  4. He co-authored the first comparative statistical atlas of major American cities.
  5. He once chaired the International Design Conference in Aspen, the annual AIA Conference, and the First Federal Design assembly.
  6. He coined the term “Information Architecture”
  7. He founded Access Press in Los Angeles and created a series of travel guides. He also wrote more than 80 books.
  8. He is inducted into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame in 2003.
  9. He has 3 Honorary degrees.
  10. He is now busy with http://www.www conference, 555, and 19.20.21 since he let TEDMED go.

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